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We understand the introduction of hydrogen usage into construction site purposes is a chicken and egg problem. Machines will not be developed before a supply market is established and practical hydrogen supply will then not be in place before hydrogen-ready machines are deployed. Therefore, we at Applied Hydrogen are taking the initiative to converting machines to establish an efficient and practical supply solution to enable our ecosystem.

Applied Hydrogen is starting with a prototype project involving a Volvo 30 ton excavator being converted to using hydrogen (H2) as its main source of fuel. The diesel motor inside the excavator will be replaced with fuel cells along with a functioning electric motor. We plan to present our hydrogen-fueled prototype in the summer of 2023. The necessary filling and transport system for the hydrogen will also be in development as part of this project in order to allow mobile fueling at remote, off the grid sites.




Applied Hydrogen has been established by multiple, experienced entrepreneurs from the technology environment in Kongsberg, Norway.

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Vidar Sten-Halvorsen, General Manager

30 years experience in oil and gas industries with a background in metering, control systems, process systems and well intervention systems. Business Development and establishing new services business segments both in Norway and internationally. Established a joint venture (JV) and was Director in the JV for the first two years out of Houston, Texas. A proven technology leader with multiple patents.

- M.Sc, in Mechanical Engineering and Economy from NTNU. 

The Team

oddbjorn pic.png

Oddbjørn Bjerkvik,
Engineering Manager 

Oddbjørn has more than 20 years’ experience with control systems, well intervention systems and system engineering from TechnipFMC, where he held the position as Chief Engineer since 2012.  He spent two years with Nel Hydrogen as Site Supervisor.  


- M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and MTM (Master of Technology Management) from NTNU, NHH (Norwegian School of Economics) and NUS (National University of Singapore).

TOKT Bilde 03_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Chris A. Tokt,
 Project Director 

20 years from Defense & Aviation.

Held several roles within project lead, HR and manufacturing.  Project lead for weapon deliveries from Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

- B.Sc. in Technology Management from Høyskolen Vestlandet (HVL).

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Borger Strand,
 Senior SW Architect

Borger has 25 years experience in the computer industry. IT consultant, software development and web development.

Embedded systems software and hardware design.

Since 2007 he has been Senior IT Consultant at Itum Notodden.


- Engineering degree from NTNU in microelectronics and embedded systems.

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Salem Rezaie,
Software Engineer

Salem has a variety of job experiences, including being a leader in his own company.

He had his bachelor project for Applied Hydrogen in 2022, creating a flight recorder for hydrogen powered excavators. He is experienced in Software development.

- Completed apprenticeship in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

B. Sc. in Computer Science and Virtual system from UNS (University of South-Eastern Norway).

DANIELSEN Bilde 01 - Retusjert_edited.jpg

Markus Danielsen,
 Mechanical Engineer 

Had his bachelor project for Applied Hydrogen in 2022, creating a flight recorder for hydrogen powered excavators.


- B.Sc. in mechanical engineering – Product development from USN (University of South-Eastern Norway)

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Stine Kittilsen Larsen,
 Chief Financial Officer

12 years’ experience from the oil and gas industry. Has held roles within administration, finance and HR.


B.Sc. in business administration from USN (University of South-Eastern Norway)


Iselin Sosa,
Administration Manager 

Experience as sales and service leader.


- B.Sc. in business administration from USN (University of South-Eastern Norway)

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Christina Johansen,
Board Chairperson

Currently Director of Engineering Products at KDA.  Former SVP of Product Management at TechnipFMC, with over 25 years experience in technology, engineering and operations leadership roles. 

- B.Sc., in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University in Houston, TX, EMBA in Energy Management from BI Norwegian School of Business, IFP in Paris and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Board of Directors

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Hallgeir Lie,
Board Member

General manager and co-owner of Tveito Maskin AS. He gained experience in construction industry working in Tveito since 1997. He has been entrusted as Project Manager and Site Manager amongst other role titles at Arne Olav Lund, Tjønheim Anleggsdrift and Ingeniørvesenet Ås kommune. 


- Engineering degree from Telemark Ingeniørhøyskole

Neal Nordahl.jpg

Neal Nordahl,
Board Member

Director for business unit Civil Engineering and Infrastructure.  More than 25 years experience with procurement, planning and execution of infrastructure projects.


- B.Sc Civil & Environmental Engineering Clarkson University i Potsdam, NY USA 1994

- M.Sc. construction and environment NTNU 1995

- Master of Technology Management (MTM) 2002

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